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  • CCAC Honored to be Selected as Recipient of Benja-Men 2nd Quarter Donation


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  • CCAC Video

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  • Ellen Goedert

    Congratulations to Ellen Goedert for being recognized and honored with the

    2016 Ombudsman Award

    Presented by MCAN at the 2016 Conference, College Changes Everything 

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  • Congratulations are in order for 3 Jackson High students

    Sonny Khan is a National Horatio Alger Scholarship winner, as well as a Gates Millenium Scholarship finalist

    Olivia York was selected as an Evans Scholarship Recipient

    Anthony Coffie is an Evan's Scholarship finalist

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  • Welcome to the College and Career Access Center!

    You are visiting us because you are seeking resources to engage in one of the most important decisions you will make; what pathway you will take in preparation for your future career. We are glad you made it this far, and are eager to join you in your quest for information that will help you to obtain your goals. We are confident that both you and our community will be the better for it.

    The College and Career Access Center (CCAC) was founded in 2008 and has evolved with its primary purpose: to assist Jackson County residents to productive careers through the pursuit of appropriate post-secondary education. Here at the CCAC, we value all post-secondary education equally. Whether entering into a traditional two to four year institution, a skilled trade center, the military, or an apprenticeship program, we are here to assist you in getting there.

    Well into the 21st century, we are seeing the value that a post-secondary education can bring. Research shows that there are many individual and community benefits of post-secondary education. Some benefits include: increased median income, decreased unemployment rates, lower smoking rates, lower incarceration rates, and higher levels of civic participation including volunteerism. Additionally, the actual need for a post-secondary degree is evident. According to analyses of occupational data and workforce trends, by 2018, 62% of available jobs in Michigan will require education beyond high school.

    This means that action must be taken in order to ensure that all students attain some type of advanced credentials after high school, and that is why we are here. We will assist you in navigating the applications, the scholarship and financial aid process, and the continued search for resources once you arrive at an institution of higher learning. Additionally, we stand by those individuals who are returning to work, looking for specific career training, or just seeking a career change. We will help with job searches, cover letters, resumes, and interviewing skills for that new position; providing encouragement every step of the way!

    Please take a look at our new website and see the great things that the College & Career Access Center is doing to serve the Jackson community in its pursuit of educational attainment for all students. We are busy working with seniors throughout the school year at the 13 Connected Community Schools to provide one -on- one college and career consultation. We are also excited about our Kids to College program, which helps k-8th graders to aspire towards a post-secondary degree, and to articulate what it takes to get there. The CCAC works diligently throughout the summer with strategic outreach to those students who are at the greatest risk of ‘summer melt.’ Our advisors are tireless in making phone calls, sending letters, and knocking on doors to ensure that these students have the support it takes to bring their plans to fruition. We also work throughout the year to provide service to each and every person who walks through our door; so that they leave feeling empowered by the knowledge and tools they have gained to put their goals into action.

    In short, the CCAC is an exciting place, with a great team of dedicated professionals ready to serve you in your college and career plans. We look forward to seeing you as we work together towards your goals!

    Nancy Lewis-Peters

    Executive Director

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  • Welcome to our new and improved website

    The CCAC is proud and excited to have a new format to bring college and career information to Jackson County residents. 

    A special note of appreciation goes out to the Jackson County Intermediate School District who led the efforts in the training and facilitating of putting this website together.  Thank you JCISD team for your hard work and dedication in making our collaboration and the connected community school effort come alive through the website.

    We are also extremely grateful for our many donors: The Jackson Community Foundation, The Bill and Vi Sigmund Foundation, The Speckhard-Knight Charitable Foundation, The Samuel Higby & Margaret H. Camp Charitable Fund, The Hurst Foundation, and all of those who have shown support for our misssion. Our work is made possible through your incredible generosity.

    Our website is a work in progress, as we are diligently building upon the material from our previous site and constantly evolving.  If you notice anything is missing, or simply have questions or suggestions, feel free to contact our office and ask for Brian.

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